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Re: [Bug-XBoard] Accessibilty request.

From: H.G. Muller
Subject: Re: [Bug-XBoard] Accessibilty request.
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2015 16:48:32 +0100
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If there is no screen reader to read out the text of the currently selected dialog item, and no way to navigate between the items though keystrokes, an application is basically useless to visually impaired people. I don't know how much of that the Gtkosx integration provides. I guess it would in theory be possible to associate an event handler with every dialog item, which is called when the item receives focus. This could send the name of the item to some speech synthesizer, and remember the item. A key event handler could intercept the keystrokes intended for navigation, and then request the next or previous item to receive focus.

If we do this ourselves we would have to create a lot of infrastructure for this. But because we do actually have an extra 'layer' between GTK and the XBoard 'business logic' in the form of the generic dialog creator, it would be possible to put the required infrastructure in the latter, so it automatically works for all dialogs.

Joshua Pettus schreef op 1/15/2015 om 4:26 PM:
I was imagining such an extra program or perhaps just a command line switch that can 
be triggered via a “shortcut".

We can have xboard relay stuff to the terminal app which is Cocoa based. I 
wonder how that would work...

But I fear I am not really a programer.  Just a fairly knowledgable tinkerer.  
Hence why there isn’t a cocoa version in the first place. Although VO aside 
this hasn’t been much of a problem with OSX integration and has made 
maintainability much easier.  I’m working on learning, but I don’t see getting 
to C/C+ for a long time. Harm is really the person to talk to, If he isn’t too 
busy.  But he doesn’t have a mac.


On Jan 15, 2015, at 10:09 AM, Gabriele Battaglia <address@hidden> wrote:

Joshua Pettus, alle 16:05 del 15/01/2015, digitò:
Perhaps there is some kind of signal from the OS, unfortunately without 
gtkmacintegration’s help, there is no way to detect if VO is running.

Oh, sorry for that.
And provide a switch to launch the app with?
Maybe just blind people could launch the app with a special swithcer into a 
command line, or they maybe set up a checkbox within options.
Or You maybe start a new, small project called XBoard4 Blinds or accessible 
XBoard, with just a little graphics on it that's provide a simple way to 
comunicate, in terminal style, with UCI and WB engine.
That's a bit out of your duty, I'm aware of it, but it could be exciting too, 
surely a new experience for you coders, why not?

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