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[Bug-XBoard] xboard 4.6.2 + crafty with zippy code

From: John Summerfield
Subject: [Bug-XBoard] xboard 4.6.2 + crafty with zippy code
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2012 23:41:23 +0800
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I built with these options:
./configure --prefix=/home/john/xboard --disable-nls --enable-xpm --enable-ptys --enable-zippy --with-x
on CentOS 6.

I start xboard with this command:
xboard -ics -icshost freechess.org -zp -firstChessProgram \
  /usr/local/bin/crafty -firstDirectory /home/john/ficsdir/

and find myself talking first to crafty then to crafty and FICS both concurrently.

It's not very useful, and if I mange to get a seek command to FICS, the acceptor does not get to talk to crafty and so the game aborts.

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