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Re: [Bug-XBoard] Fwd: winboard problem

From: h.g. muller
Subject: Re: [Bug-XBoard] Fwd: winboard problem
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2012 08:24:33 +0200

I don't have Windows 7, so I cannot test this.

If I understand correctly, you installed WinBoard 4.6.2 by running the
installer, and when you start it through the start menu, select
playing against an engine (the default choice), and in the first-engine
combobox Fairy-Max, you get this error message?

Did you install WinBoard in the default folder (C:\WinBoard-4.6.2\WinBoard)?
Can you mail us exactly what the error message says?
Can you mail us what is in the first-engine combobox of the startup menu
before you pressed OK and got the error?
Can you tell us what is inside the folders C:\WinBoard-4.6.2\ and
C:\WinBoard-4.6.2\Fairy-Max\ ?

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