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Re: [Bug-XBoard] [bug #35181] Shortened menunames in tinymode not transl

From: h.g. muller
Subject: Re: [Bug-XBoard] [bug #35181] Shortened menunames in tinymode not translated
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2011 21:36:42 +0100

But anyway if you explicitly give a value for the linegap, why should you need to tell that you mean it once more?

In WinBoard the board can be resized during the session, and typically people using a line-gap would want the width of it to scale with the board size, using the table of default widths. Some people don't want to have a line-gap at all, though (for aestetic reasons), and they can use -overrideLineGap to set it to 0 at once for all sizes. In WinBoard the -size option does not allow you to specify individual elements. Basically -overrideLineGap chooses between a fixed-width line-gp, and a board-sie-dependent one. To switch back to size-dependent would not be easy with a
single option.

I am not sure if -overrideLineGap is ever used for other values than 0 or -1. I could imagine that there are people that set it to 1 (as small as possible while remaining visible to see the border highlighting with a bright light color on a comparatively dark board). If I would have designed it, I guess I would have gone for an option -drawGrid true|false. But it was inherited from Winboard_x, as part of the board-textures / arrow-highlighting 'package'.

Well, don't complain too much about the German menubar as long as the default English also is too wide. (try -size Dinky)

Indeed, this is a problem, and I am really shocked by the fat that we seem to have lost the patch that fixed it. I am sure I had it working at some point, but so far none of the active git branches seem to have it...

Anyay, it as a simple patch (copying the tranlated item names to a buffer, and zeroing a byte in it based on the board width through an emperically derived linear formula that worked for English before sending it to the X-server).
But it was not perfect, as it did not keep track of the font size.

That is necessay if -tc is 60 minutes or more. But is it really necessary to write the color names in full length. Couldn't W and S do it for the Germans when the space is limited? Or maybe use some kind of color marking or symbol instead of words?

Well, sigle-letter abbreviations is already what is done in tinyLayout. It might just have to start at a different board size.
But I kind of dislike these all-or-nothing (well, all-or-one...) solutions.

Note there can also be a days field. In fact on a 64-bit machine the time could be very long. It doesn't seem sensible to require that times so long that almost no one uses them should fit. The default size should be good for what, say, 99% of the users use, because you don't want that 99% to suffer (from unnecessary small default clockFont) to save 1% the trouble of altering the font. I am also not too crazy about letting the font adapt itself to the displayed time.

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