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[Bug-XBoard] problem winboard-russia

From: venko ganev
Subject: [Bug-XBoard] problem winboard-russia
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2011 14:55:07 +0200

 I'm glad I'm already a member of this mailing list.
 I have a problem with winboard (Russian version of jaws) which is
adapted for non-sighted users, and hopefully help me to decide, give
me some idea.
 When I play on the internet namely freechess.org if relevant, after
10 15-minute game was released the following
winboard.exe close
error report contents
the following information about your process will be report ed: code:
06c0000005 flags: 0600000000 record: 06000000000000000
address: 0x00000000004312ff system information windows nt 5.1 build:
2600 cpu vendor
code 756 e6547  - 49656e69 - 6c65746e  cpu version: 00000f41 cpu feature
 code: bfebfbff cpu amd feuture
code: 00f3e824
the following information about your process will pe reported
module 1 winboard.exe image base: 0x0400000 image size: 0x00000000 checksum:
0x00000000 time stamp: 0x40eaf75a version information signature:
00000000 strucver:00000000 filever: (0.0:0.0)prodver:
(0.0:0.0)flagmask: 00000000 flags: 00000000 os:0000000 0filetype:
00000000 subtype: 00000000
the following files will be inclutet in this error report : c:
/windows/ temp /8a39_appcompat.txt
module 2 ntdll.dll image base: 067c900000 image size: 0x00000000

Then I installed "winboard 4.4.1 jaws" and found that this problem
does not appear
 but I prefer to play through "ruswinboard" because unfortunately I do
not understand much English.
For information, perhaps it is important to note that use "windows xp, jaws 11"
If you have any supplementary questions you can ask me to help you easily.
 You can contact me and Russian.
 Thank you.

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