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Re: [Bug-XBoard] Re: Help

From: h.g. muller
Subject: Re: [Bug-XBoard] Re: Help
Date: Wed, 03 Feb 2010 09:12:10 +0100

At 14:32 2-2-2010 -0800, you wrote:
I'm not sure I understand your problem with the old version.  What old
version are you using exactly (see Help/About)?  I don't remember if
WinBoard saves the size of the file open dialog (if that's what you
mean), but generally, if anything is coming out the wrong size, you can
try closing the program, deleting the winboard.ini file, and starting
again.  Also try unmaximizing (if needed) and resizing the window that
came out too large and see if the new size is remembered the next time
it opens.

It is difficult to help users that only utter vague complaints, instead of filing
decent bug reports. If there is something genuinely wrong, they should do
the latter, so problems can be fixed, not go hunting for obsolete versions.

The load-file dialog should not have any memory, but perhaps the guy refers
to the Game List? I am not sure how this was treated in 4.2.7, but the modern
versions remember the size and positioning of it (when SaveSettingsOnExit
is on). So you only have to scale it once to the size you like, and it will be
forever OK.

Not being able to load or save files has so far never been shown to be a
fault of WinBoard, but always a consequence of having an inappropriate
file name for saving or loading. New versions of Windows (XP, Vista) are
more critical with respect to this than people were used to. On Vista,
for instance, you will not be able to create files anywhere in the
\Program Files\ sub-tree, which unfortunately includes the WinBoard
install folder in a standard install. Old WinBoard versions will suffer from
that just as much as new versions.

The code for saving and loading files was not touched at all between these
versions. If behavior is different, it can only be due to the circumstances,
such as OS type, install location, or ini-file contents. If there is a genuine
problem, we would of course fix it immediately, but we never have had a
report on a genuine problem in this area so far...

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