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[Bug-XBoard] bug 22812 fixed?

From: Arun Persaud
Subject: [Bug-XBoard] bug 22812 fixed?
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 2009 14:00:02 -0800


I just got the latest version of xboard from CVS and it doesn't compile on my 
machine with the errors in bug 22812 ( http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?22812) 
showing up. 

Managed to fix it  (at least it compiles and I can log into FICS again). I 
don't really know lex though, so it would be good if someone who understands 
the code has a look at it ;)

I had to change two things to get it to compile... capitalize yy_current_buffer 
and add a definitions for YY_PROTO.

Here is the diff (it's short, so I just cut&paste here):

diff --git a/parser.l b/parser.l
index 39264f5..137ce54 100644
--- a/parser.l
+++ b/parser.l
@@ -77,6 +77,15 @@ char *yy_text = (char *) yytext;
 /* This is flex */
+/* use prototypes in function declarations */
+#define YY_USE_PROTOS
+#define YY_PROTO(proto) proto
+#define YY_PROTO(proto) ()
 #undef YY_INPUT
 #define YY_INPUT(buf, result, max_size) my_yy_input(buf, &result, max_size)
 #undef YY_DECL
@@ -855,9 +864,9 @@ static YY_BUFFER_STATE my_file_buffer = NULL;
 int yyoffset()
-    int pos = yy_c_buf_p - yy_current_buffer->yy_ch_buf;
+    int pos = yy_c_buf_p - YY_CURRENT_BUFFER->yy_ch_buf;
-    return(ftell(yy_current_buffer->yy_input_file) -
+    return(ftell(YY_CURRENT_BUFFER->yy_input_file) -
          yy_n_chars + pos);



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