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[Bug-XBoard] hello there - brazilian quasi-player bored in the middle ea

From: paula schmitt
Subject: [Bug-XBoard] hello there - brazilian quasi-player bored in the middle east needs advice
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 20:44:41 +0300


first, thank you for making free chess games available. that is very
nice. i am a brazilian journalist trying to play chess (i had to take
lessons at school, they were mandatory, and for that reason i made it
a point to never really learn or enjoy). anyways, i am thus a beginner
and wonder if you could recommend a free download of a chess game that
allows me to play against the computer and also that has the 'undo
move' feature (i find the 'undo move' a good way to learn). if you
could suggest one that can also give the player some tips, then that
would be just perfect.

any tips?

thank you for your attention, all the best and congratulations on the
website and the generosity in sharing.

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