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[Bug-XBoard] Re: Re: Winboard problem

From: gk967
Subject: [Bug-XBoard] Re: Re: Winboard problem
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 05:12:28 +0200

>I already answered this question specifically, so I'm puzzled why you're
>replying to my answer with a more vague one.
Hi Tim,
I really don't understood why are you puzzled. Because I gave the non-genuine link for downloading the latest Windows Installer?
By the way, are you sure you gave the correct MS article? I follow your link and found the article "Error message when you install or start an MS-DOS or 16-bit Windows-based program". This is for troubleshooting DOS or Win 3.11 products. Since Winboard is a 32-bit app, the instructions there (for config, autoexec, command etc.) are not applicable.
Be sure that my only intention is to help solving the problem, neither comparing answers, nor vagueing anyone. I never waist my time, answering questions allready answered.
Sincerely Yours.
Elf Wizard.

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