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[Bug-XBoard] installation error

From: Buster
Subject: [Bug-XBoard] installation error
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 23:22:21 +0100

Hi There,
was trying to install the app -4.2.7a- on my WinXP (one of my friends is an absolute fan of yours) and did get the following error (after an MS-DOS window opened and inflated the files included in your install tarball)
(it's in spanish so I'll try to do my best translating :-) )
"Win 16 subsystem hasn't got enough resources to continue execution. Press OK, close your applications and restart windows"
I've got a pretty big machine (512MB) so it looks kinda weird to me. I guess this happened to someone before, but couldn't find any help in the FAQs...
also tried with 4.2.6 and same result...
d'you happen to know the reason why? maybe it's interesting for you to post a comment in the faq about this--I guess it could happen easily to someone else!
danke schön! MfG

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