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Re: [Bug-XBoard] Winboard bugs

From: Daniel Mehrmann
Subject: Re: [Bug-XBoard] Winboard bugs
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 01:38:32 +0100
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John Widman wrote:

Hello John,

if your engine makes not legal moves winboard only reject this moves if
you're enable "Test legality" under "Gerneral options". Do you have
enable this feature?

| Hello Tim,
| First, thank you greatly for your marvelous Winboard which has enriched
| the lives of so many.
| I have noted a castling bug, which persists into the latest version
| 4.2.7.  I noticed this when playing with Usurper, which is a very weak
| engine which does not know the castling rules correctly, or perhaps not
| at all.
| It seems Usurper will violate every or almost every prohibition on
| castling from time to time (like castling to get out of check, castling
| through check), and it seems that Winboard catches some of these.
| However, when Usurper moves its king, then moves it back again to a
| position from which castling is legal (not accounting that it has moved
| its king previously), Winboard allows this.
| Another interesting example is a game with another of the weaker
| WinBoard programs which, although behind, succeeded in advancing a pawn
| to the eighth rank.  Seeing that promotion to a queen (or any other
| piece) still resulted in its checkmate, it promoted to a second King!
| Very creative, I thought.  What good are rules if you can?t bend them
| once in awhile for a favorite opponent?  So I played on.  When I tried
| to checkmate one king, the other one would move.  Hmm. Maybe I had to
| checkmate both kings with the same move.  Not so easy.  Then I thought I
| should just capture one king first, then checkmate the other. However,
| this attempt caused it to crash.
| Perhaps the responsibility for monitoring legal moves rests with the
| engines and not Winboard.  If so, my comments are not of value to you
| and I apologize.

- --
Daniel Mehrmann
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