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[Bug-XBoard] problem installing wniboard 4.2.7a

From: Venkatesh, PC
Subject: [Bug-XBoard] problem installing wniboard 4.2.7a
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 16:44:11 -0500

Hi, i downloaded WinBoard 4.2.7a.exe from your website.   Double-clicked on
it; it opened a command window, inlfated several files; got as far as
inflating layout.bin; then began running a setup program/script? in what
appears to be a temporary directory in c:\documents...;
Comes up with the message about Preparing InstallShield..; but then aborts

"Setup Initialization Error: Setup is unable to run a program needed to
proceed with the installation. Restart your system and try again .  Error
Upon closing that window, I get:

"Application Error: ISSET_SE caused a general protection fault in module
KRNL386.exe at 0001:AF86."

Got the same error upon restarting and on different machines [desktop &
laptop] [error at same machine address as well]:
Running Windows 2000 5.00.2195 Service Pack 4.
Both are Dell machines [one an Optiplex GX 400 and the other a Latitude

Any ideas?.  thanks

P.C. Venkatesh
Risk Analysis Division, OCC
Mail Stop 2-1, 250 E Street, S.W.,
Washington D.C. 20219, USA.

vox: 202 874 8698
fax: 202 874 5394
email: address@hidden 

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