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32 bit to 64 bit casting

From: KeithG
Subject: 32 bit to 64 bit casting
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2022 22:54:47 -0500

With the latest wget 1.21.3 on arch linux on armv7, I was experiencing
a 'certificate expired' error. This has been going on for a while but
only on my 32 bit machine. The 64 bit version never had a problem on
x86_64 or aarch64. 1.21.1 did not have this problem on 32 bit
machines, either. I was able to resolve the issue by a patch found in
this thread:
I still have test problems for the iri tests, but this patch does fix
the https certificate bug on arch arm armv7 and maybe other 32 bit OS.


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