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wget for DOS, nls support

From: Fritz Mueller
Subject: wget for DOS, nls support
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2021 21:26:07 +0100


maybe you know that the freedos group plans to update the freedos installation 
CD to version 1.3.

I am working on translating the nls files to german.
one of the files is wget for dos, i know you do not support it directly, but 
maybe you can help me.
usually a dos nls file is a single file at c:\freedos\nls. e.g. wget.de or 
wget.en etc.
the wget website says that nls is supported.
i tried this way but it didnt work so it maybe that the dos version does not 
support nls or my syntax or jumppoints or something else is wrong.
can you tell me what could be the reason or who is the maintainer of this tool 
so that i can get in contact with him?

thanks and merry christmas

fritz mueller

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