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Re: [Bug-time] GNU time

From: Assaf Gordon
Subject: Re: [Bug-time] GNU time
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2019 23:44:51 -0600
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On 2019-10-24 12:36 p.m., Сергей Кузнецов wrote:
чт, 17 окт. 2019 г. в 08:11, Assaf Gordon <address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>>:

Maybe also add %Td specifier, which will print signal's description or something like it?


$ ./time -q \
              -f "exit type: %Tt\nexit code: %Tx\nsig-spec:
%Ts\nsig-num:%Tn\n" \
                   ./tests/time-aux -S TERM -e 4
        exit type: signalled
        exit code:
        sig-spec: TERM
        sig-num: 15
        sig-desc: Terminated

On 2019-10-24 12:40 p.m., Сергей Кузнецов wrote:
...I implemented it. > Need I to send you 'git diff' or what should I do?
The code has now been added to the master branch,
and will be included in the next release:

As for adding a signal description:
How would that differ from the signal name (%Ts) ?
e.g., why is "Terminated" much better than "TERM"?

Also, it will need to be portable to non-linux operating systems,
so something similar to gnulib's "sig2str" module:

The current (new) code does work on all BSDs, OpenSolaris and AIX and not just linux.

If you do choose to make the patch portable and offer it for inclusion,
you'll need to agree to assign the copyright of the code to the FSF.
This is explained here:
To do that, please fill and send the following form:


 - asssaf

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