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[Bug-stow] Error in documentation

From: Sam Lunt
Subject: [Bug-stow] Error in documentation
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2018 10:30:37 -0500

In the manual on resource files
the examples are incorrect. They show directories surrounded with
single quotes, but that leads to incorrect regexes.

The shell will automatically remove the quotes. They are required when
the path contains spaces and optional otherwise. However, no shell
escaping is applied to entries in the stowrc file; each line is copied
verbatim to an entry in ARGV. Therefore, the quotes remain.

So for example, the documentation shows a hypothetical file with entry:


if this is passed in via the shell, the quotes are removed, but if
this is included in a .stowrc file, the quotes remain, so the above
stowrc line is equivalent to the command line argument

This tripped me up for a while, so I figured someone else might have
the same problem.

Also, there's no issue with including a filename with spaces in the
stowrc file, since they are delimited by new lines, not spaces.

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