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[Bug-stow] Is it handling packages or symbolic links?

From: Jean Louis
Subject: [Bug-stow] Is it handling packages or symbolic links?
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2017 21:58:52 +0300


I have read the documentation and have been using Stow long time, one
year, actively. It is nice peace of software.

Yet, I cannot agree it is "managing the installation of software

It shall be corrected in the documentation, and also the --arguments
shall be corrected in their descriptions of what it does.

GNU Stow:

- does not know anything about the package, it does not ready and meta
  data of any "package", it cannot recognize that something is "a
  software package", even if it can be used for software package. Yet
  descriptions shall be more accurate, to make a distinction to the
  real software package managers.

- Installing package, deleting packages shall be renamed in the info
  documentation, it is misleading. It does not know anything about
  "package". It really does not matter for Stow if it is "software
  package" or any kind of files, which are not considered software,
  such as images, documents, or other non-software files.

Please re-consider that, so that proper information is given to users.


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