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[Bug-stow] Small feature requests...

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: [Bug-stow] Small feature requests...
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 23:08:17 +0200


I was thinking that these new features would be nice, but since my
Perl hacking abilities are non-existant, I'll leave it to someone else
to implement. :-) The option names are really just examples, and are
quite crappy, so if anyone has any better ideas please suggest them.

o --create-directories

 What this would do is to create directories in the target directory,
 instead of making them point to their respective counter part int the
 package directory.  This is especially nice when you want to install
 local files into the stow directory like. Example: a single file that
 needs to be dumped into the site-lisp directory of Emacs, it would be
 quite annoying to create an installation image just for one (or a
 few) files.

o --copy-instead-of-link=DEST[,DEST1, ...]

 This would copy all files that would end up in DEST instead of
 symlinking them.  And example use of this might be to have no
 symlinks in /etc, but literal files, and have the original files in
 the package directory.  Note that this should probobly not abort on

I think thats it.  Is bug-stow even active?

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