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[Bug-stow] very long runtime with 'stow -D pkgname'

From: Laurent Besson
Subject: [Bug-stow] very long runtime with 'stow -D pkgname'
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 14:31:29 +0200
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Hi All,

I'm a happy user of Stow and find it very usefull (specially with the tons
of lib/prg with today Gnome sources!).

I have tried to use the '-D' option of stow. It works but this is really
slow. Let me explain why:

I'm in a Sun working environment and I have no 'root' permission. So I install
every package I want to use in $HOME/stow and my target dir is $HOME.

I also have a lot of data (and thus of directories) in my $HOME.

When I run 'stow --verbose=3 -D some_package', I see that it is exploring
all the $HOME hierarchy, including places no stow program are stored.

I was wondering why does stow explores all my 'target dir' (i.e. $HOME) to
remove my package ?

Why doesn't it explore the 'package' hierachy and removing the appropriate
links in the 'target' dir ? I think this would much much faster.

What is your opinions on this ?


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