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[Bug-stow] stow -D fails in /proc

From: Jan Echternach
Subject: [Bug-stow] stow -D fails in /proc
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 23:49:51 +0200
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Another problem when using Stow on the root filesystem:  "stow -D"
attempts to scan the whole filesystem hierarchy, including /proc,
until it fails with "stow: Cannot read link /proc/2/exe (No such file
or directory)" (process 2 is a kernel thread on my system, no executable
file involved).

I think Stow shouldn't enter /proc.  I don't know the reason why Stow
looks into every directory, but it would be much faster if it only
looked into subdirectories also present in the package directory, or
if it traversed the package directory instead of the target directory.
A simpler solution could be to use some kind of stow.exclude file.

Jan                           fortune: can't load library '/libc.so.4'
                                      No such library.

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