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Re: [Bug-stow] [Patch] Option to exclude files for stow/unstow.

From: Gaël Roualland
Subject: Re: [Bug-stow] [Patch] Option to exclude files for stow/unstow.
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 02:56:39 +0200

Cedric Ware a écrit :
> Here is a patch to Stow 1.3.3 which implements a "-e"/"--exclude"
> option to ignore files matching given regular expressions. 


> This
> is not very good:
> - files under directly symlinked subdirectories are not affected
>   (i.e. if only one package contains a "foo" subdirectory with an
>   excluded file, the latter will still appear in the target since
>   $Target/foo will be a direct symlink);

This seems to be an acceptable tradeoff. I don't really see any nice way
of fixing that, except from recursing into subdirectories first and
expanding them if one of their files, or files in their subdirectories
match an exclusion... that somehow means prestowing the whole package in
memory before applying on disk which is a quite different strategy from
the current one.

> - the regexps are forced to "^$", as I wouldn't necessarily expect
>   "-e 00README" to exclude a "_00README.first" file; I don't know
>   whether it is a good or a bad thing;

I don't really know.. since it is easy to add ^$ to the supplied regexp
by hand, it would probably be more general to not add it by default.

> - my lack of proficiency at Perl limits me, although it Seems To
>   Work For Me(tm).

Looks nice to me. Maybe building a single regexp by or'ing the various
excludes would be faster ?


Gaël Roualland -+- address@hidden

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