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Re: [gnu.org #1783839] Updating info about fencepost account availabilit

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: [gnu.org #1783839] Updating info about fencepost account availability
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2021 02:48:34 -0500

   > The following page seems to imply that any GNU contributor may have a
   > fencepost account. In actuality, only a subset of GNU maintainers have
   > acess, aside from edge cases like some webmasters, FSF interns, etc.

That is excatly what it means, anyone doing useful work for the GNU
project can ask for an account on Fencepost.

   > If it stays the same, it's not a big deal, but would likely lead to a
   > little less frustration for people applying for and being rejected
   > from getting a fencepost account.

Why are they being rejected?  The critera for an account on Fencepost
is not if someone is a GNU maintainer, it is if they are helping the
GNU project (which includes both GNU maintainers, contributors, and
anyone else who wishes to further the GNU project).  We have plenty of
users with legitimate access who are not maintainers.

Just like the README.accounts file says.

   If access to fencepost is intended only for maintainers (since the
   sysadmins check the maintainers file), maybe this page can be
   merged into maintain.texi and deleted.

Fencepost is intedned for all GNU contributors, maintainers or

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