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bug#49680: Errors in Texinfo documentation

From: Renaud Pacalet
Subject: bug#49680: Errors in Texinfo documentation
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2021 11:50:27 +0200
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The texinfo sed 4.8 documentation contains the following errors, I think.

$ sed --version
sed (GNU sed) 4.8

Next: tac,  Prev: Text search across multiple lines,  Up: Examples

7.8 Line length adjustment

This section uses 'N' and 'D' commands to search for consecutive words
spanning multiple lines, and the 'b' command for branching.  *Note
Multiline techniques:: and *note Branching and flow control::.

   This (somewhat contrived) example deal with formatting and wrapping
lines of text of the following input file:

     $ cat two-cities-mix.txt
     It was the best of times, it was
     the worst of times, it
     was the age of
     the age
     of foolishness,

The following sed program wraps lines at 40 characters:
     $ cat wrap40.sed
     # outer loop

# Appead a newline followed by the next input line to the pattern buffer

1. This example is not about search for consecutive words, it is about line length adjustment.

2. On the last line of this excerpt it should be "# Append a newline...", not "# Appead a newline...".

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