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bug#36489: possible bug by sed?

From: Steven Abner
Subject: bug#36489: possible bug by sed?
Date: Wed, 03 Jul 2019 10:35:33 -0400

grep -rlI ~/Development/PheonixOS -e 'as_sys_types.h' | xargs sed -i 's@as_sys_types.h@as_types.h@g' on ElementaryOS did its job except it truncated a few files' last line. In otherwords, file ends up one line
short, and had no replacement on that line.
Only found problem because of had identical copies on my mac, and did same thing, except BSD variant: grep -rlI ~/Development/Pheonix -e 'as_sys_types.h' | xargs sed -i "" 's@as_sys_types.h@as_types.h@g' Then I verify changes by using diff command. Several files on linux lost last line.
As stated in subject, 'possible', because it could belong to 'xargs'?
Thx and sorry to contact

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