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bug#23832: sed combine d with q

From: Xen
Subject: bug#23832: sed combine d with q
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2016 10:31:58 +0200 (CEST)
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Hey, I am not sure if this is "by design" or not but....

Suppose a text file with empty lines here and there. You want to print up to, but not including, the first newline.

The first "^$", I mean.

My idea was to use "/^$/{d;q}. I was under the assumption that both commands would get executed.

However q is not executed.

However when we reverse it, and use sed "/^$/{p;q}"; the effect is that the first matching newline (empty line) is printed twice, and then the program quits. So {p;q} works, but {d;q} doesn't.

You are allowed to double the newline (empty line), but not remove it....

Now when I use:

sed -n "/^$/!p;/^$/q", as a way of not printing the first matching newline, and then quitting, which is basically the same as deleting it (this feels like if it is sunny weather; cry and moan, but you are not allowed to do so; instead, you must cry when it is not cloudy, and moan when it is sunny.

Same effect.

Just different logic ;-).

I guess it is intentional. The d command is the only thing that can wipe a line, but it will stop command execution and "start a new cycle". The following will wipe everything, but it can't wipe that newline:

sed "/^\r$/{:again;N;s/.*\n.*//;t again}".

It's just funkily incredible :p.

Oh well. I had another few lifetimes to waste.... on something ;-).


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