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Problem compiling on systems without pselect

From: Manuel Köppen
Subject: Problem compiling on systems without pselect
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2023 14:29:42 +0000



I tried to compile the latest readline-8.2 patch 1 for QNX, where I don’t have pselect.

I found a problem in input.c , line 808. I propose to change it:

diff input.c.orig input.c


< #if defined (HAVE_PSELECT)


> #if defined (HAVE_PSELECT) || defined (HAVE_SELECT)


The second part of the #if seems to have been forgotten here.

In line 828, the readfds is used if either of the defines is defined, so the variable readfds is missing without my patch.


I have my solution now, but I thought it would be good to report it, for future versions.


Best regards,

Manuel Köppen


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