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Re: GNU plotutils maintenance and portability

From: Francesco Lazzarotto
Subject: Re: GNU plotutils maintenance and portability
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2021 09:49:06 +0200

Good Morning,
as for previous discussion on gnu plotutils maintenance,
I uploaded binary versions and source code of the GNU plotutils on


version 2.6 plus some little modifications to make it compile also
under Microsoft Windows and Windows-like environments, WINE on GNU/Linux included.
In particular I added binaries to run plotutils apps on MS win under msys2 supporting
X11 display capabilities (based on cygwin X dll libraries) and displaying with Xming X server
for MS win.

The X terminal functionality needs more posix/unix-like support, so at the moment was not possible for me
complete to compile it with X support on pure mingw, and still needs the msys-2.0.dll binary
library to work, that is preventing it from using that version on WINE, where it runs only the binary
version without X support.

Hope this will beĀ helpful for someone else.
Kind regards.

Francesco Lazzarotto

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