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[Bug-plotutils] Problem building plotlib

From: Don Peterson
Subject: [Bug-plotutils] Problem building plotlib
Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2011 20:34:40 -0600
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I'm very interested in trying out plotlib.  The documentation is superb, which led me to select it over Cairo (I'm considering replacing a pure-python graphics library I wrote about 12 years ago).  However, I've run into a build failure and I'd like to report it.  I'm willing to work with someone if they want to get to the root cause.

Problem statements:
1.  Build via a plain "make" fails after configure completes.
2.  Running make again shows a different failure.

The most important evidence is the typescript file I've attached -- it's a record of exactly what happened.  This record was gotten by un-tarring the tar.gz package, cd'ing to the new directory, then launching the script command to start recording.  My platform is Windows XP SP3 and I do my work in a cygwin bash shell.  I'm using the MinGW compiler version 3.4.5.  I've successfully built hundreds of packages over the years with this compiler (which is one reason I stick with a working tool and don't upgrade to the latest and greatest).

The plotutils package I downloaded is plotutils-2.6.tar.gz and its SHA-1 hash is 7921301d9dfe8991e3df2829bd733df6b2a70838.

Don Peterson

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