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[bug-patch] Bugfix release for patch 2.7

From: Andreas Grünbacher
Subject: [bug-patch] Bugfix release for patch 2.7
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2012 20:58:32 +0200

A number of annoying problems and bugs were found in the patch 2.7 release.
>From the NEWS file:

* Two critical bug fixes in the "diff --git" format support.
* Various improvements to messages when applying a patch to a file of different
  type (regular file vs. symlink), when there are line ending differences (LF
  vs. CRLF), and when in --dry-run mode.
* When in the root directory, allow file names that are absolute or that
  contain a component of "..".
* New --follow-symlinks option to allow to treat symlinks as files: this was
  patch's behavior before version 2.7.
* Ignore when extended attributes cannot be preserved because they are
  unsupported or because permission to set them is denied.
* License clarifications in NEWS and README.
* Portability bug fixes.

I would like to make another release relatively soon, so please give the current
snapshot some testing. (No further changes are planned before the next release
at this point.) As always, please find the snapshots at:


Bug reports should go to this list or to the bug tracker:



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