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[bug-patch] Re: [BUG?] rename patch accepted with --dry-run, rejected wi

From: Matthieu Moy
Subject: [bug-patch] Re: [BUG?] rename patch accepted with --dry-run, rejected without (Re: [PATCH V3] arm & sh: factorised duplicated clkdev.c)
Date: Fri, 03 Sep 2010 21:34:02 +0200
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Russell King - ARM Linux <address@hidden> writes:

> git patches include additional metadata for renaming files, which gnu patch
> will not understand.
> If you want GNU patch compatible diffs, don't use -C or -M when generating
> patches out of git.

Fyi: actually, GNU patch will support git-style patches in the next
version according to


Matthieu Moy

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