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bug with linux software raid

From: 康剑斌
Subject: bug with linux software raid
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2010 23:30:56 +0800
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Parted fail to notify linux kernel with correct partitions information
with non-partitionable md devices. It is in fact partitionable when
kernel version > 2.6.28.

The bug may be caused by `_device_get_partition_range()' in `linux.c'.
It reads /sys/block/`mddev'/range to get partition range of the raid
device. But in linux,
device with extended partitions support also has a sys file named
`ext_range'. The real range
of extended-partition device should be `range + ext_range - 1' (FIXME
?). For md device, it has
value '1' in /sys/block/md1/range, and value '256' in
/sys/block/md1/ext_range, so it can support
256 partitions. `_device_get_partition_range()' will return '1' in this
case, and parted then reports
only 1 partitions to the kernel.

If a device with '1' in 'range' file and non-extended-partition support,
maybe `_device_get_partition_range()' should return 0 to indicate it
doesn't support partitions?

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Jianbin Kange

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