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[Bug-paperclips] Eradicate all you owe not even sending another dollar

From: rikki ortiz
Subject: [Bug-paperclips] Eradicate all you owe not even sending another dollar
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 05:34:24 +0500
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Select legal counsel discovered a mistake inside the bank laws, Using waht
we found we were successfu1 at entirely eliminating peop1es creditcarddebt
with out them having to pay one more dime. We know that our firm can do this
for you also.

Please contact us-

They did not really hurt the poor horse, because everything was falling
together; only the stones and rubbish fell faster than the horse and buggy,
which were held back by the pressure of the air, so that the terrified
animal was actually more frightened than he was injured. He could see the
dark clouds rolling beneath him like volumes of smoke from a factory
chimney, and knew the earth was catching a severe shower of rain; yet he
congratulated himself on his foresight in not being burdened with umbrella
or raincoat, since his elevated position rendered him secure from

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