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[bug-obsolete-packages] join - possible enhancement - windows environmen

From: Chris Willis
Subject: [bug-obsolete-packages] join - possible enhancement - windows environment
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2019 23:44:57 -0000

would it be possible to have a version that would accept the usual escape sequences (in particular \t for tab) for the –t argument? It is possible to create a special command to invoke join with –t <tab>, but it would be much nicer if one could just write join –t \t ... .
My work around is
cmd /f:off /c join.exe -t "     " %*
where the character between the quotes is the tab. I need the exe, as join.pl is lurking, which does the same basic job, but doesn’t support the other options. Without the cmd the tab gets expanded to the next filename in the current directory, even when quoted.
regards – Chris Willis

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