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Is there a small patch to fix the CVE-2023-29491?

From: wanghaitao (G)
Subject: Is there a small patch to fix the CVE-2023-29491?
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2023 06:18:14 +0000

Dear Thomas Dickey,

May I ask if there is a small patch specifically for fixing CVE-2023-29491? 
I found that you fixed this CVE in this patch you released on April 8th, but 
this patch contains other modifications as well.

And I found the ncurses doesn't have a git repo, which means I can't find the 
commit that only fix this CVE.

A patch contains docs and miscellaneous changes will make our maintenance work 
difficult. I found that the oss-security community has also noticed this issue 

So could you please provide a patch that only fixes this CVE? If so, I would be 
very grateful.

Best regards,

Wang Haitao

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