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ANN: libvterm 7.0 (ncurses terminal emulator)

From: Bryan Christ
Subject: ANN: libvterm 7.0 (ncurses terminal emulator)
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2019 10:07:36 -0500

I am pleased to announce version 7.0 of the libvterm terminal emulator.  The libvterm library was written from the beginning to be ncurses friendly.  Once the library is installed you can attach a full-featured terminal emulator to any WINDOW with just a few API calls and libvterm does all the hard work.  The library features include:

UTF-8 support
Mouse support
History / Scroll-back buffer
256+ color support
Emulation modes for vt100, rxvt, linux, and xterm

The library has been built and tested on a number of platforms including Linux, Mac OS, Windows WSL, and FreeBSD.  When built from source, the project will build and install a comprehensive demo program call Vshell which illustrates how to implement the API and many of it's features.

Sources and binaries can be found here:


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