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BiDi bug in GNOME Terminal 3.34

From: Danial Behzadi
Subject: BiDi bug in GNOME Terminal 3.34
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2019 09:26:20 +0000
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BiDi was working fine for Ncurses programs in GNOME Terminal for a long time, despite the terminal emulator didn't support BiDi it-self, as you see in the first image attached.

But VTE, the virtual terminal emulator widget used by GNOME Terminal and many other terminal emulators such as Terminator, etc. added internal support for BiDi about two months ago and GNOME Terminal used this feature to show BiDi texts correctly.

Now the BiDi texts in Ncurses programs are rendered wrongly and could not be read, as you see in the second image attached.

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