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Advice on mouse handling

From: Bryan Christ
Subject: Advice on mouse handling
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2019 12:47:04 -0500


I've read the xterm documentation you authored and have reviewed the code in lib_mouse.c in order to add VT200 mouse support to my emulator.  The following code works well on the first mouse click, but subsequent mouse clicks don't seem to work at all.  After putting some debug code inside the conditional, I can see that each click is indeed firing and the x and y coords are updating.  I'm at a loss as to why writing that string to the underlying pty works fine once but not thereafter.  The guest application is built on ncurses so it would seem that if the sequence was decoded once correctly it should be again subsequent times. 

  if(has_mouse() == TRUE && vterm->mouse == VTERM_MOUSE_VT200)        
    if(getmouse(&mouse_event) == OK)                                
      if(mouse_event.bstate & BUTTON1_CLICKED)                    
        dynbuf = strdup_printf("\e[M%c%c%c\e[M%c%c%c",          
          (char)(32 + 0 + 0),                                
          (char)(32 + mouse_event.x),                        
          (char)(32 + mouse_event.y),                        
          (char)(32 + 0 + 0x40),                              
          (char)(32 + mouse_event.x),                        
          (char)(32 + mouse_event.y));                        
        buffer = dynbuf;                                            


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