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Re: Tabstop width not reset by reset command, or hardcoded to wrong widt

From: Vincent Huisman
Subject: Re: Tabstop width not reset by reset command, or hardcoded to wrong width
Date: Wed, 29 May 2019 12:23:13 +0200
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On 29-05-2019 15:04, Thomas Dickey wrote:

Here's a test-script which shows the expected behavior.

I ran it with SecureCRT on TERM=linux (its default). I used konsole on Kubuntu 19.04 to ssh to my Gentoo box (which has hard tabs) and I get TERM=xterm-256color. Additionally, I tested konsole on Kubuntu itself (also xterm-256color) where I didn't have any issue because it uses soft tabs by default.

It shows
        + tab-stops after reset
        + tab-stops after "tabs -4"
        + does a reset
        + shows that the tab-stops are set back to 8.

The last output of the script is:
Tabs 8:
        *       *       *
    +   +   +   +   +   +   +
on all three, SecureCRT and konsole, Gentoo and Kubuntu. Testing on the machine itself (ctrl+alt+f2, TERM=linux) I do see that my testcase works as expected, as does yours. Interestingly, after running yours, "tabs" has no effect anymore until I issue a reset.

Anyway, so it looks like it's a bug in both SecureCRT as well as konsole. I just wasn't expecting two different products in different setups to give the same result. The presence of the tabstops-code in reset_cmd.c made me think that it was supposed to be called always but you're saying that it's the terminal's responsibility when it sees reset_1string. That was a bit unclear to me, but it makes sense now. And I've seen a terminal actually do it now.

If I were to make _any_ change in ncurses to accommodate konsole,
it would be in _its_ terminal descriptions, not for "linux" or

I don't know why I get xterm by default but it should be konsole, I agree. Although with TERM=konsole it doesn't even clear the screen (and the tabs are still wrong) so that's not usable either.

I already worked around all of it with alias reset="reset; tabs n" in a custom function that modifies the terminal to whatever tabwidth I want. I'll have a closer look at konsole and SecureCRT, and maybe file reports there. Thanks for your info :)


Vincent Huisman

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