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Extended line graphics characters proposal

From: Nikita Zlobin
Subject: Extended line graphics characters proposal
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2018 08:34:06 +0500

Looking to this unicode section in charmap view app (i use gucharmap),
i noticed a little incompleteness. While for main part, including lines
and corners, there are styled variants for bold and double lines,
rounded have only one - regular (speaking in terms of font weight).
Are these additional variants not reserved by standard, or simply most
fonts don't are made without care of such thing? However, even if so,
at least those fonts, specially created for term/monospace application,
would have these styled rounded corners too. or at least one of them.

And another few mor characters i would propose to think about - block
characters with one rounded corner, supposed to be used as corner
blocks for filled areas. This would allow to create rounded filled
areas. Special kind of blocks with either 2 adjacent corners or entire
side rounded may be great to serve as button ends.

Different fonts, depending on style (e.g. smoothest rounded like todays
sans monospace or square, like terminus, could use not only different
rounding, but even stylise them as skew).

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