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24bit RGB SGR sequences (true color) support - another take

From: Антон Кочков
Subject: 24bit RGB SGR sequences (true color) support - another take
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2017 02:17:00 +0800

Good time of the day!
Of course I remember your previous answer, but still trying again
(people sometimes change their mind).
Almost 3 years passed as I started to collect information about
support of this nifty mode in various terminal emulators and console
programs. These days most of them are supporting RGB SGR sequences
(some in a better way - some just in compatibility mode). Thus arises
the problem of detection. There are multiple workarounds for this, but
de-facto standard way (terminfo) stepped out from this, which makes
lives of developers harder. So I'm asking you, are you still strongly
against adding this in terminfo database/program?

One more - a lot of programs are using ncurses library, which, unlike
slang TUI lib still doesn't work with those sequences. Would be
awesome to provide a better support in ncurses too.

Here is my updated status list of terminals and programs that support
"true color":


As you can see - majority of them already supports this mode. The only
behind Terminology and xterm (because of approximating) and abandoned
terminals. These days both vim (and neovim) and emacs supports SGR RGB
sequences, and surely, more programs will do that too. So it would be
nice that you'll join us with your very important projects.

Hoping for a positive feedback this time!
Thank you for reading up to this point and kind regards,
Anton Kochkov.

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