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Re: Bug/Analysis: Incorrect Input Rendering after Undo_Justification

From: Leon Winter
Subject: Re: Bug/Analysis: Incorrect Input Rendering after Undo_Justification
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2017 07:51:56 +0200
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> hmm - my first inclination would be to compare with Solaris.  I see two
> problems (perhaps the latter is what you're talking about :-) :
>       + win_form is never initialized, so Solaris dumped core.

sorry about that, clearly that was not the issue I was trying to show ;)

>       + changing the program to initialize win_form to a new window
>         not related to win_body got Solaris to display a menu in
>         win_form with "A" at the beginning of the second field,
>         while ncurses 5.9 (on my Debian/7) shows the "A"
>         at the end of the field.
> However, running the test with ncurses6 (current), I get the same picture
> as Solaris.

Exactly. The 'A' should be at the beginning of the field but in a broken ncurses
version it is appended at the end.
I can reproduce the bug on ncurses6 20170715 (debian testing) and ncurses6
20170902 (debian unstable). The unstable version is pretty current, so it is
strange that you cannot see it.

Just to be sure, the nature of the bug is:

Correct: Aal2
Wrong:   val2A

> so... it seems that this is a bug that may have been fixed sometime,
> and I might have to bisect to find when (I don't recall).

And maybe broken again recently?


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