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Help understanding colour limitations.

From: Patrick
Subject: Help understanding colour limitations.
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2017 13:01:39 -0400
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Hi Everyone

I know that with the int constant COLORS we will know how many colours the terminal supports. I know that 8, 88 and 256 are pretty much the only combinations that are likely to be encountered and I am assuming that if I default to 8 on something else, I should be safe.

However, is there any danger in initializing 256 colours, with init_color(), when the terminal only support 8 or 88 ? I am creating a palette of 256 colours(or almost 256) but I know this can't be used in all terminals. However can they be safely initialized if I only actually use a smaller amount that the terminal actually supports? I am planning on having the first 8, just the same as the built in colours, BLACK, BLUE, GREEN etc

Thanks for reading-Patrick

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