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Display difference between ncurses version 5.7 and version

From: Rich Burridge
Subject: Display difference between ncurses version 5.7 and version
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2017 10:16:13 -0700
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I'm getting a display problem with the latest version of ncurses.
This is on Solaris.

I've attached a small self-contained Python script that replicates
the problem. This is taken from a much larger Python application.

(I note that I do not see the problem when I run the script on my
Ubuntu LTS 16.04 system.)

I've also attached a screen-shot of the difference in behaviour that
I'm seeing. The top window comes from running on a system where ncurses
version 5.7 is installed. That's the desired result.

When I run the script on a system with ncurses version,
I only get cyan characters for the spaces in the text string, not for
the rest of the text.

What needs to be done to get the desired behaviour in this latter case?


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