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GMP support: bad LIBGMP_SONAME

From: Alexandre Bury
Subject: GMP support: bad LIBGMP_SONAME
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2017 23:04:47 +0000

I am using the ncurses package from Archlinux; you can find the build script here:

The configure script is built without `--with-gpm`, but I hoped it would still attempt to dynamically load `libgpm.so`. Indeed, after configuring, both `HAVE_LIBGPM` and `HAVE_GPM_H` are activated, which means `USE_GPM_SUPPORT` is set to 1.
However, `LIBGPM_SONAME` is set to `maybe`, which leads to an obvious error trying load this file.

It seems `LIBGPM_SONAME` inherits this value from the configure script's `cf_cv_gpm_soname`, which sounds reasonable. But this value is itself copied from `with_gpm`, which happens to be `maybe` in my configuration.

`lib_mouse.c` has a fallback around line 168, which sets LIBGPM_SONAME to a reasonable "libgpm.so" if it isn't defined, but it's not triggered because of the `maybe` value...

I guess some assumption regarding the values are wrong in the configure script: is `cf_cv_gpm_soname` supposed to point to a file? Is `with_gpm`? How do I properly tell ncurses to dynamically link to `libgpm.so`?

Thank you for your time,
Alexandre Bury.

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