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Obsolete smir/rmir sequences for ansi-generic?

From: Rob King
Subject: Obsolete smir/rmir sequences for ansi-generic?
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2017 00:44:22 -0500
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The description for the "ansi-generic" terminal type includes a reference to the "ansi+idc" building block, which in turn defines both smir and rmir to \E6. This is the "zTI/Toggle IRM" sequence.

The only documentation I can find that references that sequence is for the Ambassador line of terminals (where it might be more accurately labeled as k{r,s}mir), and for the AIX High Function Terminal. The 1991 edition of ECMA-48 doesn't define it, and while I don't have a copy of X3.64, it doesn't show up in any summaries of ANSI escape sequences that I can find. xterm defines it as Back Index (DECBI).

Since the "ansi+idc" entry is designed to be used as a building block for other "ANSI-like" terminal definitions, I would recommend replacing those sequences with "\E[4h" and "\E[4l", since those seem to be universally supported. This greatly increases (IMHO) that entry's usefulness as a building block. The SRM-style sequences also have the benefit of being idempotent.

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.



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