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trying to use sixel images

From: Patrick
Subject: trying to use sixel images
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2016 14:11:21 -0500
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Hi Everyone !

I found this library yesterday and I am very excited about it:


I love ncurses but I have had to use lots of widget toolkits too due to the issues supporting images under ncurses.

I have been miserable with these toolkits and I have been going around in circles, literally for years.

Does anyone have any tips for mixing sixel and ncurses. I am going to pour gasoline over myself if this doesn't work :)

Sixel images work with ANSI escape codes which don't play nice with ncurses.

We can use ANSI escape codes to move the cursor around but ncurses will loose track of were it is. If I write sixel data to the screen ncurses will also loose track of the cursor too.

Would it be okay to:
1)switch to raw
2)write sixel images(I am using mlterm BTW)
3)use ANSI escapes to move the cursor back were it was
4)switch back to cooked mode and normal ncurses operation

Any tips or pitfalls to avoid would be really appreciated.

Thanks for reading and happy new year! -Patrick

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