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dialog crash in ncurses/tinfo/getenv_num.c

From: Andrea Gilbert
Subject: dialog crash in ncurses/tinfo/getenv_num.c
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2016 19:50:39 +0000

Dear address@hidden


Hi - hope there is a quick answer to this...

We are trying to build latest version of dialog (dialog-1.3.20160126.tgz) on RHEL67.

We were hoping this would fix a crash we occasionally see in the native RHEL6 dialog binary.


The source builds just fine, and runs perfectly, except it always crashes when the putty/console window running dialog resizes. Running under gdb we see this ...


_nc_getenv_num (name=0x7f7a0e7f46e4 "LINES") at ../../ncurses/tinfo/getenv_num.c:43

43      {

44          char *dst = 0;

45          char *src = "">

__unsetenv (name=0x7ffed40a12fc "") at setenv.c:344

344       UNLOCK;

Program exited with code 0377.


Is this something anyone has seen before? Is it something we can patch dialog to work-around?


Thanks in advance for any help

Andrea Gilbert






Andrea Gilbert

Principal Software Engineer

Telephone +44 118 903 8622


1310 Waterside | Arlington Business Park | Theale | Berkshire | RG7 4SA | United Kingdom

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