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Glitch after system start

From: Hohl, Gerrit
Subject: Glitch after system start
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 2015 17:24:23 +0200

Hello everyone,


I have a setup program written in Java based on Java Curses Library which is based on NCurses.

The setup program is executed at the boot time of an Ubuntu Linux.

Most of the time everything works fine, but sometimes I get odd characters.


Some of them occurred while some services where still starting in the background and produces some output.

I could solve that using the Linux kernel parameter "console=tty7".


But now I'm still facing a problem - at least from time to time as it doesn't appear all the time. I get a [79G in the upper left corner followed by a vertical line (ASCII block graphic). And after that the Java Curses Library / NCurses draws everything the right way, even the width is okay (in this case it's the border of window which is drawn. The upper left corner is right in the upper left corner of the screen [0, 0]).


So it should like this (hopefully it will be shown correctly in your mail client):


│        │

│        │

│        │



But looks like that:


│        │

│        │

│        │


While the window and the border has a gray background and a black foreground, that characters have a black background and a gray foreground.


I looked in the Internet for that sequence [79G, but couldn't find any information about it (because it looks like a console code).


Does anyone of you know what that [79G means?

If I would know what it means I maybe could track down the problem.





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