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acs_map symbol

From: sylvain . bertrand
Subject: acs_map symbol
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2015 00:39:02 +0000
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Linux "make menuconfig" fails due to a linking issue.

(I have a  _split_ shared ncursesw library, version 5.9.20150425)

Linux uses pkg-config for its menuconfig linking flags. And I get a missing
libtinfow due to the symbol acs_map.

After little investigation:
  - the acs_map symbol is defined in ncurses.h.
  - the linker expect to find the libtinfow library in its argument list 
because of acs_map symbol.
  - pkg-config does not output the libtinfow linker flags because it's in the 
"private" section of ncursesw.pc.

It seems that in ncursesw.pc, libtinfow dependency should be delared in the 
Require field and not he Require.private field.
That, to output libtinfow linker flags for any application linking to the 
ncursesw package.

Do I miss anything?



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