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terminfo: missing 'dim' capability on 'screen'

From: Leonardo Brondani Schenkel
Subject: terminfo: missing 'dim' capability on 'screen'
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2015 15:33:27 +0200
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I tested both screen 4.00.03 and tmux 1.9 and they seem to support the
"\E[2m" sequence to enter "dim mode". They seem to be interpreting the
sequence instead of just forwarding it to the underlying terminal,
because when I start either of them using a different $TERM (such as
'ansi') then "\E[2m" stops working.

However, the 'dim' capability is not present in the definition of
'screen' in the latest version of the terminfo database (version 1.525,
2014-10-19 01:16:56). Is this a deliberate omission or an oversight?

// Leonardo.

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